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Investment in new tech can seem daunting. It is not always easy to identify the products that will be the best fit for your business’ needs. Sometimes it’s easy to miss the tech that could make all the difference because you don’t fully understand the functions that a particular piece of software offers. The best decision is an informed decision and the key to choosing the right tech is to understand how a product works.

In this series, we will be explaining the various bespoke tools that we build, how they work and the benefits that they offer. By understanding the tech available and how it can drive the productivity of your business forward we hope that we can help you make the right choices.

What is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. As the title suggests, it is a system that manages and stores the information of your client base which can include – but is not limited to – contact information, communication logs, purchasing information and invoices.

Quite often, it is a tool that is considered to be most beneficial in sales but in actual fact, a CRM’s functions can be beneficial in all areas of a business from the warehouse through to a finance department.

Did you know?

A bespoke CRM can be customised to automate almost anything!

This means that processes that you or your team have been carrying out manually or doubling up on can be carried out by your system at the exact moment that it needs to be done.

An example of this is that it can be linked to your finance/invoicing system (e.g. Sage). The information from any paid or outstanding invoices can be carried over automatically meaning that your finance team do not have to manually input this data.

Another example is stock management. Using hand-held systems that feed information directly back to your CRM, you can track your stock levels at the touch of a button and keep an eye on where a particular order is at any time as its journey. Orders can be tracked from warehouse to delivery.

The result is a rise in productivity, the removal of the possibility of human error and ultimately a more efficient process that frees up your employees’ time!

The possibilities really are endless so if you are wondering how you can take your CRM to the next level, get in touch and we can discuss a solution that is right for you.