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Teamwork makes the dream work
Joining the X402 family

I started working for X402 as a developer in December having previously worked for a financial solutions company. I was excited to join the X402 company as the tech that they work with is something I was looking to move forward with and explore, like Azure. It was a small team but had a lot going on. There were a few other new starters like me, so we all had to get used to the change together. Everyone has worked well together, and it has all fallen into place.

It was quite hectic in the beginning and there were improvements to be made in areas such as customer relations. A lot of those improvements have been made now such as adding PM’s to the team in order to manage client relationships, but we also give our clients the choice if they prefer to deal with a developer directly. It has gone a long way in improving the feedback we get and means that we are working together as a team and managing our time better.

Getting to the core
More than just a CRM

At the moment, we build bespoke software solutions for companies but have an upcoming project to build a platform called Core.  At its heart it will be a CRM but is actually going to be so much more as well.

Depending on what the client’s business needs are, they will be able to choose modules that can be bolted on to the central system. Rather than the client needing several different third-party programmes, they will have a central software that brings all of their business information together seamlessly. It will save companies a lot of time and money and will really improve productivity.

The only way is up
Developing a developer

I am really looking forward to the future of X402, particularly for the opportunity to grow and develop the skills that I already have.  I have always enjoyed working in tech. It is a fast-paced industry and there are always new products to learn and work with.

It will be exiting to continue looking after our existing clients and offering greenfield solutions but at the same time bringing on new clients, working on new projects to throw myself into and having new stimulation.